Honor For All by Daniel Licht

This song is the end credit song for the newly released game Dishonored. I found this song to be great and something different. I mean at first listen you would think that it’s just a score, a musical composition with just instrumental music, but it eventually builds up into a song. I love the hear of the song because it’s the kind of song that goes well with the gameplay where you have to be stealthy. I think it’s an awesome unique sound. I mean there are moments in the song where it gives off an eerie kind of sound, with the whaling/echoing sounds/vocals in between verses. And if you listen to the lyrics, they reflect the story line of the actual game. You hear about the plague, violence, perseverance, war / fighting, and bringing justice. The game is set during the Victorian era, where the black plague has spread, and the body guard of the Empress of Dunwall city is killed, her daughter kidnapped, and the bodygaurd Corvo is framed for the crime. As the player, you play as Corvo and your goal is to take revenge on those who framed you, and to help restore order to the city of Dunwall by finding the Empress’ daughter so she can eventually take the throne and assume power.

So have a listen to the song. Hope you guys enjoy. And send me feedback if you’d like to share a thought. :)

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